We, like many people, love coffee. It’s a staple of our morning routine, whether we’re on a road trip, on  a camping adventure, or just hanging out at home.

Of course, there’s a world of variety when it comes to coffee, and not every coffee drink is created equally. When we’re at home it’s easy for us to make a great cup of coffee, but when we’re travelling, it’s not always so simple.

Whether you are trying to escape the instant coffee in hotel rooms or the bad diner coffee, trying to fuel your espresso addition in the wilderness, or trying to save money on buying expensive coffee at places like Starbucks, we think that making your own coffee may be the way to go. You can make your own coffee to your own liking for much less than you’d spend if you bought it from a coffee shop. Making your own coffee can also be a more environmentally friendly option as well.

With this in mind, we wanted to share a list of the best travel coffee makers on the market. With one of these devices you’ll be able to make great coffee wherever you are in the world – be that on a hiking trip, in an RV, or at a hotel.

As well as our list of the best coffee makers for travel, we’re also going to share everything you need to know when looking to buy a coffee maker. So even if you don’t go for one of our options, you’ll know exactly what to look for when purchasing a travel coffee machine.

Things to Consider When Buying a Travel Coffee Maker

Before you buy a coffee maker for travel, there are a few things you will want to consider. There’s a huge range of different types of coffee makers on the market, and the style of coffee they make also varies.

So it’s important before you buy that you know what to look out for. Here are some of the key things to consider when shopping for a travel coffee maker.

Brewing Method & Type of Coffee

As you are likely already aware, there are a variety of ways that you can brew coffee. These include French Press style coffee, drip coffee (also known as filter coffee), Turkish style coffee, pour over coffee, and espresso coffee. The latter can be used to make a range of other coffee drinks like Americanos, cappuccinos, and lattes, with the addition of ingredients like hot water or steamed milk.

You probably already have a style of coffee you enjoy, which will come with an associated brewing method. It’s important to pick a travel coffee maker that can make your preferred style of coffee, especially as no one travel coffee maker has the ability to make every type of coffee.

Espresso in particular is more challenging to make on the go, as it requires hot water to be pushed through very fine coffee beans at between 7 and 10 bars of pressure. These types of systems tend to be heavier and more expensive.

The options listed below offer different methods of brewing coffee, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs.

AeroPress Travel Coffee Maker


Dimensions & Weight

This is one of the most important factors when deciding which travel coffee maker is the right choice for you. The first thing you need to consider is the overall size of your luggage, and how much space you are willing to allot to your coffee maker.

Some of the options below have the ability to fold up, while others are lightweight and easily squeezed into the corner of your suitcase or popped in your hand luggage.

On the other hand, some of the coffee makers we mention in this list are much heavier and may only be suitable if you are traveling via car or RV. But probably are too bulky for air travel.

Deciding on the ideal dimensions and weight all depends on your method of transportation, the size of your luggage, and the weight allowance of the airline you may be travelling with.


Volume of Coffee It Makes

Most travel coffee makers are designed for making quite a small amount of coffee, usually enough for only one or two people. It’s definitely worth checking before you buy to make sure the device you buy will make you enough coffee.

For example, if you are used to drinking a 12 oz mug of coffee every morning, you probably don’t want a system that will only make you 6 oz at a time.


Power Source

Some of the travel coffee makers on the market work by hand, while others require batteries, electric outlets, or solar power. If you are buying something for backwoods camping or boating, the options that work by electricity are not going to be ideal for you.

However, if you are staying in accommodation with access to plugs, you may wish to go for something electric or that can be charged for later use. If it needs to be plugged in, you want to be sure that it works in all the countries you plan to visit – the US for example has a 110v supply, whilst the UK has a 240v supply.

Also consider that most coffee makers require hot water to make coffee. If the coffee maker you buy doesn’t have a way to heat the coffee via a power source, you’re going to need something that will. If you’re camping, you’ll likely have a portable stove or access to a fire to heat water, so this might not be an issue.


Time to Brew Coffee

Sometimes you want a cup of coffee, fast! No fuss, no waiting around, just smooth, flavourful coffee on the go. How much fuss are you willing to go through for your morning cup, and how much time does it take to brew a cup or pot of coffee? This is something to bear in mind when searching for your next travel coffee maker.

All of the machines we mention in this list take varying amounts of time to make a cup, and also differing measures of coffee they can make at once. If you are traveling as a group of 4 or more for example, you may want a different solution than a solo traveler. Always consider the time per cup when calculating how long it takes to brew.


Ease of Cleaning

The last thing you want to worry about while you travel is how you’re going to clean the nooks and crannies of your coffee maker, so we definitely recommend looking into how easy the product is to clean before purchasing.

Some can be cleaned with a simple rinse, while others may have more finicky components that need to be cleaned after use. You will also find that certain coffee makers are dishwasher friendly, which is always an added bonus for when you have to access to a dishwasher.


Environmental Impact

We are delighted to see more and more travelers opting for more environmentally friendly and reusable products lately.

In relation to coffee and coffee makers, it’s important to consider that coffee grinds are compostable, while single-use filters or pods might not be. Keep an eye out for recyclable or compostable options, it will do a world of good for the environment!

Travel Coffee Maker


Additional Features like a Coffee Bean Grinder or Milk Frother

If you are a bit of a coffee connoisseur, you may require additional features to create your perfect cup of coffee, like a whole coffee bean grinder or milk frother. Some coffee makers have these built in, whilst others will require you to purchase additional accessories and add to the weight and cost of your final coffee making setup.



Versatility is a big bonus when it comes to travel coffee machines, as you end up getting much more bang for your buck. While most machines only work with one type of coffee, others allow you to use a variety, from whole bean and fine ground, to K cups and instant coffee.

The same can be said for the types of coffee they can produce, for example, espresso, Americano, drip-style, and so on.

Another benefit is if the coffee maker can double up as a coffee mug so that you don’t need to carry both, or if it can also be used for tea, hot chocolate, smoothies, hot soup, or noodles. Some coffee makers even have the ability to keep your drinks cold as well as hot, or to make cold brew coffee as well as hot coffee.

This provides far more value to you in the long run that a regular coffee machine.

Lastly, take into the consideration whether or not the product will also be useful in other situations other than just travel. Can you see yourself using it at home, work, hiking, or on a picnic at a local park? The more versatile the coffee maker, the more opportunities you will have to use it.



This isn’t something you usually need to think about when you are purchasing a coffee maker for your home, but if you are planning on taking it on the road, it is going to need to be able to withstand the wear and tear of travel.

Take a look at the key components that ensure long lasting quality, such as the materials used and the warranty provided. Is it made from plastic vs stainless steel, and are there any extra parts that might be easily breakable?

We’ve searched for the highest quality products for every budget, but only you will know the level of durability required for your next travel adventure, so bear this in mind before you buy.

AeroPress Travel Coffee Maker



Prices can vary between USD $5.00 to over $100 depending on the level of functionality and durability that you are searching for. I always recommend seeking the best quality travel coffee maker for your budget. The better the quality, the longer is will last when you’re using it on your travels.

We have searched the internet to find the highest quality products at every price point so that there is something to suit everyone’s budget, as well as of course included our favourite travel coffee makers that we know and love.

Travel coffee maker


15 Best Travel Coffee Makers

Here’s our list of the best travel coffee makers on the market. They cover a wide range of budgets and styles of coffee, and we hope it helps you find the perfect option for your coffee on the go. They are ordered by approximate price, from lower to higher, although prices do change regularly of course.


Primula Single Serve Coffee Brew Buddy

Designed to brew a single cup of coffee at any strength, the Primula Single Serve Coffee Brew Buddy is the ideal tool for rich and delicious coffee anytime, anywhere.

Best Travel Coffee Makers in 2020

At just 1.6oz / 45g, it is by far the lightest option on this list as the eco-friendly and reusable lid simply fits on top of most mugs. This makes it extremely handy for travel, especially if you already have a favourite travel coffee mug! Its slim design makes it perfect for storage in a purse, suitcase, canvas bag or backpack.

It was built to accommodate coffee drinkers all over the world, so it can fit onto nearly all cups and mugs. It is also very easy to use, with no power required, all you have to do is pour in hot water, brew and enjoy. Cleaning is hassle free, as the coffee maker is dishwasher safe and doesn’t have any small areas where coffee can get stuck.

Please be aware that the mug is not included with this product, so if you are on the road or camping for the night, you will need to bring your own mug or thermos to use the Primula Brew Buddy.

Capacity: 18oz / 500ml (limited only by the size of your mug really)
Weight: 1.6oz / 45g
Type: Pour Over
Requires power? No
Requires hot water? Yes
Price: Check latest price here


Zyliss Travel French Press Coffee Mug

Sometimes a simple solution is the best, and this travel coffee making mug from Zyliss is just that. This  coffee maker allows you to brew coffee and take it on-the-go with one mug. All you have to do is put in the ground coffee, add hot water, and then press the filter to brew fresh coffee. Pop the lid on and off you go with no need to remove the grounds.

Best Travel Coffee Makers in 2020

The double-wall insulation helps to keep your beverage hot on the go, while the mesh filter keeps grounds firmly pressed and out of your drink. It can also be used for all kinds of beverages as well such as hot chocolate and tea.

Weighing just 7oz / 200g, it is handy for travellers who want to throw it in their bags to drink on the go. No batteries or power required, making it a more affordable option.

While the mug is BPA free and dishwasher friendly, the body of this coffee maker is made from plastic, which means it isn’t quite as eco-friendly and durable as some of the other options on this list.

Capacity: 10oz / 280ml
Weight: 7oz / 200g
Type: French Press
Requires power? No
Requires hot water? Yes
Price: Check latest price here


Coffee Gator

We’re a big fan of the Coffee Gator motto “Bring the coffee house home”. They created the Coffee Gator Thermal Travel Cup with the aim of being able to make and drink incredible, barista-quality coffee at home or on the go.

Best Travel Coffee Makers in 2020

The focus with this travel coffee maker is on high quality components. In their words, “Inferior metal makes drinks taste like licking a battery” and we couldn’t agree more. Which is why this is made from military grade stainless steel.

The dual layers of premium stainless steel create a vacuum that reduces heat transfer, so you are guaranteed the perfect temperature coffee for longer. In fact, it keep coffees hot for 6 hours, or cold for 20 hours.

It comes with a stainless steel filter for making pour over coffee, and it doubles up as a stylish insulated travel coffee mug too.

When used with the pour over system it can make 12oz / 340ml of coffee, whilst the cup on its own can hold 20oz / 568ml. Enough to wake anyone up we think!

The lid slips on and off in a flash, rinses in seconds, and is dishwasher safe. The icing on top of the cake is their total satisfaction promise, which covers everything they sell (they had nearly 10,000 positive reviews last year).

Capacity: 12oz / 340ml
Weight: 10oz / 400g
Type: Pour over
Requires power? No
Requires hot water? No
Price: Check latest price here


GSI Outdoors JavaDrip

Here’s something a little different! The Collapsible GSI Outdoors JavaDrip features an expanding silicone cone and let you brew fresh coffee into your own mug or thermos. And then it collapses to just 1-inch high, making it really portable.

Best Travel Coffee Makers in 2020

All you have to do is set the filter on top of one of your favorite containers, from a wide mouth thermos to a small pot. Then simply add any brand of #4 filter, grounds and hot water and voila – drip coffee just like home. The convenient cover even doubles as a trivet for the cone when you’re done brewing and keeps everything clean during transport.

This coffee maker is small but mighty, with the ability to brew 1-12 cups of coffee. The sturdy silicone design collapses into a 1 in high, 5.6in diameter disc, while the transparent base helps prevent over-flow.

We love that it is so easy to wash with a quick rinse and there is no battery or power required. Although this is one of the more affordable and lightweight (159 g) options on this list, don’t forget that you will need to bring another cup or container for the coffee, and you will need to have access to hot water.

Capacity: 1 – 12 cups
Weight: 5oz / 140g
Type: Drip Coffee
Requires power? No
Requires hot water? No
Price: Check latest price here


Moka Pot Coffee Maker

When I travelled across Australia for a year, primarily camping out of my four wheel drive vehicle in remote locations, my coffee maker of choice was a Moka Pot.

Best Travel Coffee Makers in 2020

Best Travel Coffee Makers in 2020

This is one of the most popular ways to make coffee at home in Italy. Basically, it’s a metal pot with two parts. – the hot water goes in the bottom container below the ground coffee, and you place it directly on a heat source like a stove top or gas burner. The water boils and is pushed through the coffee grounds and up into the upper pot.

Moka pots make espresso style coffee quickly and easily. The Coffee Gator model we’ve chosen comes with two stainless steel vacuum insulated 3oz cups, and the pot itself can brew up to 12oz / 340ml of coffee – good for up to 6 cups of espresso. You can either drink this as espresso, or use it as the base for longer drinks like an Americano or latte.

At 1.8lbs / 816h this isn’t the lightest coffee maker in our list, but it is definitely a durable and easy to use option. Just be aware it’s not dishwasher safe.

Capacity: 12oz / 340ml
Weight: 1.8lb / 816g
Type: espresso
Requires power? No, just a heat source
Requires hot water? No
Price: Check latest price here


Bodum Travel Press

This French Press travel coffee maker allows you to brew coffee on the go and drink from the same container when it’s ready to go. It couldn’t be more simple to use, simply add your ground coffee and hot water and seal the lid for a delicious, freshly pressed cup in just 4 minutes.

Best Travel Coffee Makers in 2020

The body is made of vacuum-sealed, double-wall construction stainless steel, keeping your beverages hot or cold for several hours. It also features a spill resistant lid, built-in plunger and silicone, non-slip grip for easy use on the go.

The travel mug itself without the press can hold 15oz / 420ml of coffee, however when you use it to brew coffee the grounds take up some of the space so expect around a 12oz / 340ml serving. It is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. It weighs 14.4 oz / 410grams, but if you are looking for something a little smaller and lighter, you can always opt for the smaller version which weighs just 8.8oz / 250 grams.

For those that prefer loose leaf tea, the Bodum Travel Press works equally as well for brewing a cuppa, giving it extra points for versatility!

Capacity: 12oz / ml
Weight: 14.4oz / 410g
Type: French Press
Requires power? No
Requires hot water? No
Price: Check latest price here


Kohipress coffee maker

Let’s kick things off with ‘The Original Portable French Press Coffee Maker’. Created due to the demand for a portable, full steep immersion pressurized press, this coffee maker offers rapid yet robust extraction of flavour.

Best Travel Coffee Makers in 2020

The KOHIPRESS gets top marks for high quality material and durability, as it was the first of it’s kind on the market, beating its plastic rivals. The premium stainless steel chamber is capable of keeping water hot or cold due to the double wall vacuum construction and the body provides the durability required to withstand the wear and tear of travel.

The reusable filter can be used over and over again, making it a cost saver and environmentally friendly! On top of this, the air pressure plunge method reduces filtering time and avoids the bitterness of a longer brewing process such as drip brewing. It can also be used to make cold brew coffee.

This is one of the most portable coffee maker options on the list, doubling as a coffee travel mug and weighing just 368 grams, with a capacity of 12oz / 340ml. It also includes a leak proof lid and can be easily cleaned thanks to their patented self – lock system, which separates the brewed coffee from the used coffee grounds. Once you’re finished, simply rinse the chamber and plunger under a tap.

Capacity: 12oz / 340ml
Weight: 13oz / 368g
Type: French Press
Requires power? No
Requires hot water? Yes
Price: Check latest price on Amazon here


AeroPress Espresso & Coffee Maker

If you are looking for something quick and simple that brews smooth ground-free coffee every time, this AeroPress might be a fantastic option for you. AeroPress basically created a new type of portable coffee extraction method, known as the AeroPress brewing system.

Best Travel Coffee Makers in 2020

The AeroPress brewing system results in uniform extraction for a full coffee flavour. It includes a micro filter for grit free coffee and guarantees a 20 second ‘press time’ – just add your coffee and water. The end result is up to an 8oz coffee drink which is similar to but not quite as strong as espresso, to which you can add water to create a 10 oz sized Americano if you wish.

The AeroPress kit comes with 350 disposable filters, a scoop, funnel and stirrer. However, we recommend picking up a metal filter instead of the disposable filters so you don’t have to bring loads of filters with you when you travel, and also to avoid waste.

An added bonus is that there are no fiddly parts that are hard to get to when washing, so the clean up is relatively simple. That said, in our experience no coffee system is ever that easy to clean as coffee grinds have a habit of getting everywhere!

The AeroPress also comes with a tote bag to keep your coffee maker tucked away neat and tidy on your travels.

Overall, this is a relatively lightweight and portable system that makes great coffee, and which is perfect for throwing in your backpack for your next camping trip or holiday. It’s designed to be simple to use, and you don’t have to worry about grind size or getting coffee grit in your finished drink, plus you can make both espresso style coffee and Americano style coffee by just adding hot water.

The Aeropress is one of our most recommended systems for travelers, especially for campers and hikers where weight and simple cleaning is important – we’ve enjoyed it when exploring the outdoors of Scotland.

Finally, AeroPress also make the AeroPress Go. This includes a cup which fits all the accessories when not in use, and is slightly more compact. If you don’t already have a mug, then the AeroPress Go might be a better overall option for travel.

Capacity: 8oz / 220ml
Weight: 8oz / 226g
Type: AeroPress
Requires power? No
Requires hot water? Yes
Price: Check latest price here


Soulhand All-in-One Pour Over Coffee Maker & Grinder

If you are a bit of a coffee connoisseur, you probably like to do everything yourself, including grinding your beans. From a travel perspective, whole bean coffee usually stays fresher than ground coffee, so having a way to grind your beans on demand makes logical travel sense too.

This travel coffee maker from Soulhand takes on-the-go coffee making to the next level. Not only does it allow you to store your beans and grind them up, but it also includes a hand mill grinder, insulated thermos, reusable filter dripper, and a mug cup all in one!

Best Travel Coffee Makers in 2020
You can adjust the grinding thickness according to the type of coffee you want to drink. It’s made of quality stainless steel and food-grade polypropylene material (FDA certified), ensuring long term use. It also comes with the complete grinder and filter system, while the grinder core itself is made of a durable ceramic.

No need to worry about batteries, power, or long cords to operate this portable, compact coffee grinder. It measures at 8.6 x 4 x 3.9 inches, which is compact enough to travel with. The cup will also fit in most car cup holders for your next road trip.

This high quality coffee maker and cup has a handy split design, making the cleaning process simple and quick. Just be aware that hand grinding coffee can take a while, so this might not be the best option for those of you looking for a quick coffee fix – although you can use it with ground coffee too of course to speed up the process when needed.

Capacity: 9oz / 260ml
Weight: 27.5oz / 780g
Type: Drip coffee
Requires power? No
Requires hot water? Yes
Price: Check latest price here


Kitchen Gizmo

If your brew of choice comes in the form of a Keurig K-Cup or compatible reusable pod, the Kitchen Gizmo will let you enjoy it on the go.

Best Travel Coffee Makers in 2020

Measuring at 8.5 x 6.3 x 8.5 inches and weighing 19oz / 544 grams, this is not quite as compact as some of the other coffee making options on this list, but it is well built from quality, durable materials.

It is very easy to set up, assembling in seconds and it can make 6, 8, and 10 ounce servings in less than a minute. The plunger also has a compartment where you can store up to three K-cups or reusable pods, which is extremely convenient for when you are on the move.

The Kitchen Gizmo is dishwasher safe, BPA free and can be taken apart easily for safe storage. You don’t need to worry about power, but you will need to have access to hot water. Last but not least, it includes a 2 year warranty, so if you have any problems, they will replace it free of charge.

Capacity: 10oz / 280ml
Weight: 19oz / 544g
Type: Keurig K-cups
Requires power? No
Requires hot water? No
Price: Check latest price here


Chulux travel coffee maker 

Although this travel coffee maker is one of the heaviest on our list, weighing 2.2lbs / 1kg, we wanted to include it for those of you wanting coffee when traveling via car or RV. Despite the weight, it’s still fairly compact.

It’s a single cup design which fits most coffee capsules, or you can use your own ground coffee, so you have plenty of options to make drip coffee. It’s quite similar to the drip coffee makers you find in many hotel rooms across the world.

Best Travel Coffee Makers in 2020


The Chulux travel coffee maker includes a 12oz / 340ml water tank and a removable drip tray, which ensures that your daily coffee demand is met, mess free. It’s also quite quick, producing a 12oz cup of coffee in around 3 minutes, and it has an automatic shut off function after brewing for safety.

Cleaning is simple, with a quick wipe of the coffee outlets, and the detachable accessories are dishwasher safe. However you may find that you need to use a small sharp item such as a paper clip to really clear out the outlets every now and again for longer lasting maintenance. It is also easy to clean and store. It supports standard sized or larger cups (up to 5.3“ tall), and you can adjust the drip tray to fit your cup.

To top it off, the product comes with quality assurance and a one year warranty. It is also made from BPA-free material and it is UL & FDA certified, for safety guaranteed.

Capacity: 12oz / 340ml
Weight: 2.2lbs/ 1kg
Type: Drip coffee
Requires power? Yes
Requires hot water? No
Price: Check latest price here


Wacaco Portable Espresso Maker

Famous among the hiking community, the Wacaco Portable Espresso Maker is designed to be the smallest, lightest and most versatile handheld espresso machine. Space and weight are major factors when selecting the right travel coffee maker and this model is portable, compact and functional!

Best Travel Coffee Makers in 2020

With it’s innovative design, the Minipresso is easy to use, with no battery or electric power needed. You just need to add ground coffee and hot water. For a shorter trip you can even add boiling water to its tank so you don’t need to worry about heating it up while you’re out.

With the help of the semi-automatic piston, the water is pushed through the coffee at 8 bars, and after just a few pushes, your espresso is ready to be extracted. Water tanks of different capacities are also available so you can enjoy multiple espresso types, ranging from ristretto to caffè lungo.

Considering the body of the machine is made from stainless steel, it isn’t very heavy, weighing just 360g. A quick simple wash will do wonders, but keep an eye on the indentations in the filter chamber to ensure that it continues to seal nice and tight.

Capacity: 1.76oz / 50ml
Weight: 12.7oz / 360g
Type: Espresso
Requires power? No
Requires hot water? Yes
Price: Check latest price here


Weoola Portable Espresso Machine

The Weoola Portable Espresso machine is a one-stop-shop for coffee on the go, with support for Nespresso pods. It’s also one of the few options on the market that has a built in battery which allows you to heat your water on the go – although this can take a while, so using pre-heated water is quicker.

Operated by a rechargeable lithium battery, this machine can heat water up to 194F/90C and the coffee it produces is at 158C/70F. You will need to use the supplied car adapter to charge the battery pack prior to use.

Best Travel Coffee Makers in 2020

With a 50 ml water tank capacity, you can delve into a standard single espresso shot in a matter of seconds! The 15 bar high-pressure pump helps to unlock the delicate flavor and premium aromas of your coffee capsule during the brewing process.

With all of this functionality, it is understandable that this option is higher up on the scale in terms of  weight, coming in at 47oz / 1340g. It is also important to note that this coffee maker was designed and tested for Nespresso capsules only, so it does not work with Nespresso compatible capsules or ground coffee.

Capacity: 1.6oz / 45ml
Weight: 47oz / 1340g
Type: Nespresso pods
Requires power? No, except to charge
Requires hot water? No, but can be used with hot water if available
Price: Check latest price here


Handpresso Wild Hybrid

This simple, lightweight and elegant travel coffee maker is the latest portable espresso maker from Handpresso. You can use the Wild Hybrid with either E.S.E. pods or ground espresso coffee.

Best Travel Coffee Makers in 2020

This espresso maker works a bit like a bicycle pump. To use, you generate up to 16-bars of pressure with the hand pump, add hot water (from a kettle or a thermo flask), espresso coffee (ground coffee or E.S.E. pods), and then let the machine prepare high quality espresso with the push of a button! As it’s hand operated there’s no battery or electricity required: making this a great option for espresso in the back country. It’s also relatively lightweight at 17oz / 480g.

This compact travel option can also come as part of a beautiful outdoor kit, which is the perfect gift for any coffee lover in your life. Complete with a hard travel case for ultimate protection, 4 unbreakable cups and a new thermo flask with integrated thermometer.

Capacity: 1.76oz / 50ml
Weight: 17oz / 480g
Type: espresso
Requires power? No
Requires hot water? Yes
Price: Check latest price here


Uniterra Nomad Espresso Machine

Although this coffee maker is the heaviest option on this list (2.6lbs/1.18 kg), it is famous among the travel community for it’s innovation and spectacular tasting coffee! With optimized pressure, flow and temperature characteristics the Nomad produces a full rich crema that rivals even the best commercial machines.

Best Travel Coffee Makers in 2020

Here’s how it works; The seesaw motion of the small lever operates two tiny piston water pumps, building up pressure over a few strokes. That means you have got the ideal 8 to 10 bars of brewing pressure at your fingertips. You can pull a perfect shot each and every time with the help of the True Crema Valve.

You can adjust the pumping speed to produce optimal brewing pressure, giving you total control. It functions like a true lever machine while simplifying the operation and increasing the success rate of what’s involved in pulling a shot of great espresso.

This travel coffee maker is outdoor and environmentally friendly and it produces minimum waste. You will need to carry your own mug though, so bear in mind that this travel coffee maker might be more suitable for road trips and for making coffee in an RV rather than for air travel and extended back country trips, as the weight is quite high.

Capacity: 10oz / 300ml
Weight: 2.6lbs/1.18 kg
Type: Espresso
Requires power? No
Requires hot water? Yes
Price: Check latest price here



Coffee beans


Coffee Accessories for Travel

Now you have your coffee maker all figured out, you might need some accessories to go with it. Your needs will vary depending on the coffee maker you purchase, but here are some options to consider.

Travel Coffee Mug: Contigo Stainless Steel Travel Mug

The Contigo is the ideal travel flask to keep your coffee hot while you enjoy your travels. The body is made from stainless steel for maximum durability, while the silicone band adds extra comfort while holding.

Best Travel Coffee Makers in 2020

It can hold up to 16oz / 450 ml, which I think is more than enough to keep you going on your next adventure. It also includes a clever lid technology to ensure that the product is leak-proof for on-the-go activities and it can keep your drinks hot up to 5 hours or cold up to 12 with vacuum insulation.

If you are planning on taking a roadtrip, the Contigo travel mug fits most car cup holders. In terms of washing, the lid is dishwasher-safe, however the body is hand-wash-only.


Travel Coffee Grinder: Shanik Manual Coffee Grinder

Finding the perfect coffee grinder is no easy task. If you want the perfect cup of coffee, you need high quality materials, durability, and functionality in one.

Best Travel Coffee Makers in 2020

Thankfully the Shanik Manual Coffee Grinder is built to last, featuring a stainless steel body, a durable ceramic burr, and a silicone grip for better handling. This portable coffee grinder can be used anywhere, be it hiking, camping, backpacking or out on the open road. It comes with a velvet bag to keep it safe and protected while you travel.

It features a built-in adjustable grind selector so you can fine-tune it to get the coarseness you want, and a measuring base and container to ensure you get the right brew every time.


Travel Milk Frother: Aerolatte Milk Frother with Storage Tube

This lightweight, hand-held, battery-operated device is designed specifically to produce perfect frothy milk in 20 seconds or less. It can be used to froth all types of milk, including cow, soya, rice, almond, coconut, UHT, and powdered milk, so you are guaranteed smooth, frothy coffee no matter what your taste.

Best Travel Coffee Makers in 2020
You can use it to produce professional-quality hot and cold drinks such as cappuccino, caffè latte, hot chocolate, frappè, milkshake, cocktails and more. You can also use this for preparing soup, sauces, dressings, omelettes, meringues, custard, and various desserts – now that is versatility at its finest.

The head and shaft are both made from robust, 18/8 stainless steel and the product includes 2 pre-installed AA alkaline batteries that will provide approximately 150 uses.

It is easy to clean and maintain and comes with a 2 year guarantee.


Travel Sized Kettle: Gourmia GK320 Travel Foldable Electric Kettle

Travel coffee mugs aren’t the only foldable products on the market these days, now you can get collapsible kettles! The Gourmia travel kettle provides readily accessible hot water on any continent, with support for both the US 110v standard and the European 240v standard.

Best Travel Coffee Makers in 2020

With a 0.5L capacity and dual voltage for compatibility wherever your adventures lead you, you’ll never need to worry about hot water again. This travel kettle is lightweight, yet strong, with food-grade silicone that safely resists high temperatures and maintains structure stability even while very hot.

It is perfect safe to use, with boil dry protection, and a sturdy lid lock to ensure scorch-free usage, while the concealed heating element eliminates those rusty metal coils.



There’s no use having all of this equipment if you don’t have any actual coffee! There’s a huge range of coffee available today from all around the world, which comes in different formats depending on your requirements.

We recommend checking what type of coffee your coffee maker manufacturer recommends. Usually there will be a specific grind size for your coffee maker, or if it takes pods, a specific type of pod it is compatible with. Here are some quick links to different types of coffee to get you started:

Finally, don’t discount instant coffee for those situations where you just don’t have any alternatives. We’ve had good results with the Starbucks Via range when road tripping and hiking – they are really lightweight, the coffee is good, and they even dissolve in cold water if you don’t have a stove or other heat source. Some of the Via range is specifically designed to make cold brew coffee.

Travel Coffee Maker


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And that’s it for our guide to the best travel coffee makers! As always, we’re happy to hear your feedback and questions! Just pop them in the comments below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

A guide to the best travel coffee makers. Includes options across all budgets, as well as types of coffee, from drip coffee to portable espresso makers

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