Embark on a journey of unlocking the old secrets of local winemaking in a Santorini wine tour. Thanks to its distinctive volcanic soil conditions, Santorini is world-renowned for its exquisite wine varieties.Wineries on the island are deeply rooted in century-old tradition and, in fact,local winemakers extend to visitors an open invitation to experience their art.

SantoWines / Buddha

Discreet bouquet of perfumes with notes of red fruit, pepper and leather. Soft taste, medium volume, light, with acidity and spicy aftertaste. Easy to drink wine, accompanies cheeses and light meat dishes, as well as oily vegetables, such as imam, moussaka.

SantoWines / Mavrotragano

It has aromas of tobacco and spices, ripe red fruits, mild minerality and hints of ink and leather, in a wine with a round and aggressive taste. We will serve it with meat dishes cooked with strong sauces, but also with spicy cheeses, cold cuts and sausages.

SantoWines / Kameni / Mandilaria

Bright purple color and aromas of red fruit, with light notes of vanilla, pepper and ginger, but also hints of herbs and caramel. It goes well with cheeses, game and braised meats, but also dishes such as baby shoes and pastitsio.

Ktima Sigala / Mavrotragano

Deep red color and aromas of spices and red fruits of the forest, with touches of leather and ink. Rich and gentle tannins, balanced acidity and complex aftertaste. We will serve it with cheeses and meats, with red and wine dishes.

Ktima Sigala / Mandilaria, Mavrotragano, Merlot

It has a smell of red fruit on the nose. Excellent structure, with taste density and acidity that highlight the aromas. Notes of spices and green pepper in metallic aftertaste. We will combine it with pasta and traditional Greek dishes based on meat.

Kanousa Roussos / Caldera / Mandilaria, Assyrtiko

It has a dark, almost black color. Complex nose, combines aromas of ripe fruit with notes of tobacco and spices. Sturdy body, rich in tannins and intense aftertaste of long duration. Accompanies grilled meats, game (wild boar), dishes with spicy red sauces and fatty cheeses.

Koutsogiannopoulos Winery / Red Vineyards

It ages in oak barrels for 18 months, acquiring a solid red color with soft tonal reflections and a wonderful aroma of oak, vanilla, ripe red fruit. Taste velvety and soft. Accompanies meats, dishes with spicy red sauces, cold cuts and sausages.

Santorini Winery / Terra Nera Red

It has a violet red color. On the nose, a combination of aromas of dried fruit and chocolate, with shades of leather, wood and vanilla. Mouth with intense tonicity, medium volume, with short duration, but dense aftertaste. We enjoy it together with red meats cooked with sauces, fatty yellow cheeses and oily foods.

Santorini Winery / Mavrotragano 2009

Mavrotragano is dark red with blue highlights. Aroma of red forest fruits with strong notes of spices. Rich mouth, full-bodied, with tonicity and balanced acidity. It goes well with yellow and fatty cheeses, meats cooked with red sauces, game and oily foods.

Silver Estate / Atlantis Red

Deep red color and sweet aromas of red fruits and jam, accompanied by a gentle feeling of spices and baked wood. Fruity and tannic, with an aftertaste of ripe red fruits and vanilla, this wine is combined with a variety of meat-based dishes. It costs 9 €.

Ktima Argyrou / Mavrotragano

The intense red color and aromas of tomato, sour cherry, gooseberry and spices are its characteristics. Rich body, with round tannins and acidity, with incomparable balance between strength and finesse. It needs ventilation. Suitable for hunting, red meats, sauces with spices.

Gavala / Xenolou / Mavrotragano Winery, Voudomato, Athiri

Refreshing red wine that is pleasant to drink, even in the summer months. It has delicate aromas of ripe, red fruits and nuts. Soft tannins, refreshing acidity and full, velvety taste. Accompanies meats cooked with red sauces, game, cheeses.

Hatzidaki Winery / Mavrotragano

Intense red color. On the nose the character of the wood is combined with a pleasant bouquet of ripe red fruits, vanilla and pepper, with shades of cinnamon, licorice and ink. The mouth is soft, with round tannins. Accompanies hunting, red meats, meals with red sauces.

Hatzidaki Winery (Santorini), Ktima Sigala (Santorini) and Boutari Winery (Attiki, Naoussa, Goumenissa, Crete, Santorini and Mantineia) are the three Greek wineries included in the list of the best & world wineries for 2020.

The selection of the best Wineries of the Year by Wine & Spirits is made through a series of blind tastings conducted by the wine journalists and critics of the magazine, throughout the year.

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