Substantial Fidelity — “Best Five Heartbreaks” – Episode 101 — Following a initial date long gone incorrect with Clyde, a Ònice person,Ó document keep operator Rob Brooks recounts her Best Five Heartbreaks and a modern emotional run in with her earlier. Robyn (Zo‘ Kravitz), proven. (Photograph by: Phillip Caruso/Hulu)

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Hulu’s approaching television series reboot of Significant Fidelity, starring Zoë Kravitz, updates a great deal of content from the authentic 2000 film starring John Cusack not only has the key character’s gender flipped, but the action has moved from Chicago to New York Metropolis.

Nevertheless: The very first teaser for the display reveals that, in quite a few techniques, it stays devoted to the unique framework. Not only is the tone the similar (possible many thanks to the point that the film’s co-author, Scott Rosenberg, arrived back again to make and compose the sequence), but, potentially a lot more incredibly, the outfits are not only quite similar but in some situations the correct same.

When Zoë Kravitz’s mother Lisa Bonet appeared in the authentic, Kravitz’s character’s wardrobe can take its notes immediately from that of John Cusack’s history retailer owner, the Gen X manchild Rob Gordon.

When Cusack’s assortment of band t-shirts, classic Weezer-correct sweaters, and dishevelled trousers were being intended to denote slacker choices of the time, on Kravitz’s body these identical clothes seem decidedly hip (though not in a way that negates the tone).

Both people appear to be to favor the similar vintage Dickies brand t-shirt

(Fall the Carhartt, and invest in your own Dickies shirt on eBay to remain ahead of the certain pattern).

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The two figures have a thing for black and yellow band tees.

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There is a shared fondness for baggy grandpa sweaters.

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Even though, not absolutely everyone of Kravitz’s appears is instantly from Cusack.

This just one, for instance, is plainly purely from Doug Funnie.

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The full collection debuts on Hulu on February 14th, but till then you can perspective the trailer listed here: at?v=WpDx9msKh_Q

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